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Republican Approved!

(60% vote of the Iron County GOP delegates 4/18)

About Marilyn:

Hi, I’m Marilyn Wood and I’m running for Iron County Commissioner. I chose to run because as a life-long resident, I have watched many changes through the years and as we grow I want to make sure the future of Iron County is secure while protecting our cultural and historical past. My husband Matt and I have been married for 45 years. We have 3 children, 6 grandkids and 2 great grandkids.

We both have a strong work ethic and have really enjoyed working and building our small business and our cattle ranch together. While we have had many challenges in our lives, we feel it has made us stronger and helped forged the people we are today.

Marilyn Wood for County Commissioner Sign

Matt and I raised our children in Enoch and Cedar. We have a ranch in western Iron County in the Beryl area. We are also related to, and have many family ties to, Parowan and Cedar City from the first families that settled there.

Matt encouraged my decision to run wholeheartedly because we both felt that our lives and family have benefited so much from this beautiful community, it was time to give back. Without his help and support I could have never commited to such a big undertaking.

Marilyn Wood for County Commissioner Sign

Interests and Involvement

We have been involved with the Iron County Cattleman Association, Farm Bureau, Iron Rangers Riding Club and helped in the production of The Wendy Wood PRCA Memorial rodeo. We were instrumental in the planning and building of the Cross Hollow Event Center here in Iron County.

We also received the honor of being recognized by our peers in receiving the Iron Country Cattleman and also the Cooperator of the year from the The Conservation District.

I love our agricultural and rural community and have had the privilege of working to represent them throughout the years as I’ve stood toe to toe with the federal government fighting for multiple use on public lands and private property rights that affect us all. These issues continue to remain ongoing and I believe Iron County needs a representative on the county commission who intimately understands what’s at stake and is not afraid to stand up for Your rights and freedoms.

My entire life I have only worked in the private sector including 40 years in the meat industry — but like our President — those years building a business, raising a family and running a ranch have given me a lifetime of knowledge of what the issues really are and the experience to draw from in making the best decisions for Iron County residents.


Thank you for your support!

Chad and McKennan Hansen
Blake and Danielle Demille
Joe and Jean Lopour
Mark Orton
Duke Cox
Bruce McDonald
Marcus Hansen
Leon Nelson (Leon’s Alignments)
Tom and Trudy Hansen
Glen Bauer (GLB Auto Source)
Nancy Clark
Todd West (Cedar City Customs)
Kerry Jenson
Lynn Davis
Terry & Tiffany Petersen
Brent and Dana Hunter
Mark & Corri Melling (Melling Granite)
Oscar Hulet
Roy Gericke (Red Rock Express Trucking)
Lance & LeAnne Hollerman
Craig Laub
Ira Shoppman
Garth & Wendy Green
David & Janalee Benson
Spencer & Alicia Grant
Tyler Melling
Sally J. Melling
Reyes & Kacie Carballo
Larry Brough
Chris & Beth Stephenson
Mike & Sheryl Stratton
Nicholas Willis
Dixon & RoseMary Tiffany
Geri Bagley
Jerald Edwards
Lucy Wood Venables
Andy & Chris Burton

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Jennifer Davis
Lynn Davis
Larry and Anita Bell
Terry and Tiffany Petersen
Debra Lay
Bruce and Melody Hughes
Bengy and Lori Carter
Eric Halliday
Robert Cox
Brad & Elisabeth Green
Joleen Goff
Maurice and Monta Munford
Shane Adair
Justin Gray
Brett & Leslie Brindley
David & Shelly Staheli
Met Johnson
Wendall & Kayleen Bundy
Bob Holt
Erick Cox
Cal Rollins
Celeste Lyman
Darrin Lovell
Phil Schmidt
Tony Barney
Ron Riddle
Jim DeLaigle
Coy & Kacie Stowell
Vern Grimshaw
Mitch Dettamanti
Terie Simcox & Familoy
John & Cathy Pace
Ron and Linda Curnutt
Jackie Bulloch
Jason & Terri Hatch
Robert & Gloria Miller
Lana Smith

Thank you for your support!

Harold (Huck) Shirley
Kathleen A. Flanigan
Shane Flanigan
Lin and Debbie Drake
Roger Olcott
Brian K. Tavoian DDS
Scott Stubbs
Delynn Barton
Ken and Vicki Urie
Scott and Barb Carter
Richie Stubbs
Hal and Nadene Winterton
Matt & Jo Bulloch
Randy & Kay Carter
Keith & Donna Christensen
Gary Holyoak
Shannon T. Passey (Gem Awards)
Val & Susan Shakespear
Phillip & Kaylee Green
William Leigh
Bob Rasmussen
Wade & Allie Hollerman
Dave and MaryAnn Bentley
David Bosshardt
Jay Grimshaw
Greg Powell
Dean & Diane Demille
Jay Hampton
Craig Jones
Ron Heaton
Joe & Mary Marshall
Ed & Marilyn McCollum
Bengy & Lori Carter
Chris & Michelle Gale
Mont & Cindy Wood
Jim & Kris Urie

My Issues

Second Amendment

I am an avid hunter and and gun collector and a proud member of the NRA. As such, I promise, if elected, to always fight to preserve your God-given right to keep and bear arms; and to honor the letter and intent of the 2nd Amendment.

The United States Constitution is a shield to protect the individual liberties and rights of every American. I agree with its intent and commit to defend your liberties.

Rule of Law

I am a red-blooded American patriot who loves God, Family, and Country.

Governments are instituted among mankind to protect and preserve our liberties. Laws are beneficial to our quality of life when they are within the proper role of government, are measurable, and enforced. I expect the rule of law to govern our county.

I also support our President and believe strongly in standing behind him in his pursuit of maintaining law and order and the proper role of government while also keeping our traditional values, our freedoms and our economic stability.


As a rancher and private property owner I am also intimately familiar with the issues facing our county when it comes to water.

Water is Iron County’s future, without it we cannot continue to grow.

I believe It is imperative we have someone on the commission who understands this, often complicated and difficult, issue in order to ensure future generations will have the resources they need for years to come.

Answers to Mike Lee Questions

(Mike Lee's Questions 1-5 were only for Utah State office candidates)

Mike Lee Question #6: The federal government owns roughly 2/3 of the land in Utah. While essentially no one in Utah wants to disturb national parks, national recreation areas, wilderness areas designated by Congress, or military installations, most federal land in Utah doesn’t fit into any of those categories, and keeping all of that land under federal control inflicts great harm on our state’s economy, environment, tax base, affordable-housing market, and public education system. How much of Utah should the federal government own, and what changes to state and federal law would you support in this area?

Marilyn Wood Answer: As a landowner and a BLM allotment owner, this question hits home for be because federal land policy directly affects my livelihood. While I have always believed that land management is best handled by those closest to the land, I do not know whether the state of Utah would honor our existing agreements with the Federal Government. If the state stopped receiving Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILT) from the feds, they would quite possibly sell much of our ranching and grazing land that has been used for agriculture and recreation. As we continue to encourage our great State of Utah to assume more local control of our federal land, we need to do so in a way that honors our heritage and existing agreements while making the highest use of the land in our own backyard. As far as national parks, recreation areas, wilderness, and military installations are concerned, enough is enough and we do not need to lock up any more of our state to satisfy outside special interests.

Mike Lee Question #7: What is the purpose of government?

Marilyn Wood Answer: I agree with our Utah Republican Party Platform that states that the purposes of government “is not to grant rights, but to protect the unalienable, God-given rights of life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness.” That happens when government fills basic health, safety, and infrastructure needs, then takes a step back and lets the free market flourish.

Mike Lee Question #8: Setting aside specific constitutional prohibitions, what are five things that no government, state or federal, should ever do?

Marilyn Wood Answer:

  1. Government should not tell parents how to educate their children.
  2. Government should not make individual healthcare decisions.
  3. Government should not take away our ability to defend ourselves.
  4. Government should not tell anyone what to do to support themselves.
  5. Government should not tell anyone what to do with their private property except to protect the property rights of others.

Mike Lee Question #9: Should any person in Utah be denied equal protection under the law, based solely on whether the person in question has been born?

Marilyn Wood Answer: No.

Mike Lee Question #10: Please identify five ways in which governments pick “winners and losers” in the economy, indicating whether you support or oppose each approach.

Marilyn Wood Answer:

  1. Government imposes excessive regulations on some businesses and not on others based on size, location, and industry. I oppose this.
  2. Government subsidizes some businesses and not others. I oppose this.
  3. Government sets preferential interest rates for loans. I oppose this.
  4. Government relies too heavily on lobbyists in drafting policy, which only favors businesses that can afford lobbyists. I oppose this.
  5. Government provides incentives for some and not others. I oppose this.

Mike Lee Question #11: Please explain why you are a Republican, what it means to be a conservative, and whether or to what extent the word "conservative" describes your approach to public policy.

Marilyn Wood Answer: I am a Republican and Conservative

  • Because I am pro-life
  • Because I believe that capitalism and the free market are the best path to prosperity for all
  • Because Government is not the solution and is more often the problem
  • Because Republicans promote self-reliance and personal responsibilit
  • Because conservatives interpret the Constitution as a limit on government as the founders intended
  • Because I believe in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
  • Because these rights come from our Creator and not from human governments.

Mike Lee Question #12: Do you support President Trump’s re-election?

Marilyn Wood Answer: Yes I think he has done a great job!